Selecting the Right Window for You in Arizona

There are two main categories of windows, new construction and replacement. In general, new construction windows are used whenever you will be stripping the wall down to bare studs and framing. Replacement windows use the existing window frame and insert into the opening.

New Construction or Replacement Windows

Determining which type of window you need is straightforward. The following lists should help you figure out what is your best option. If you are still unsure, you can start up a chat with one of our online professionals, or give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our window and door professionals.

Choose New Construction Windows if…

  • You are building a new house, adding an extra window, or building an addition.
  • You will be removing the interior and exterior trim.
  • Your existing windows are drafty, difficult to operate, and aesthetically unappealing.
  • The frame of your existing windows shows signs of rot or deterioration
  • Your window opening is not square, meaning one diagonal measurement varies from the other.
  • You would like to change the size and/or shape of your windows.
  • You are unwilling to sacrifice glass space
  • Choose Replacement Windows if…

  • Your existing windows are drafty, difficult to operate, and aesthetically unappealing.
  • You want to save your interior and exterior trim and have no intention of changing walls.
  • The frame of your existing windows is in good structural shape.
  • Your window opening is square, meaning the two diagonal measurements are the same.
  • You would like to keep the window the same size and shape.
  • You realize that a replacement window has a smaller glass space than your existing window and you are willing to accept it.

Window Materials & Construction

Windows are available in a variety of materials to meet your demands. Whether you are looking for classic styling or modern convenience, there is a material available. As always, consult with your window and door professional to discuss which options are best for your project. Let’s take a look: