Historic preservation of a property includes regular upkeep and repair. The goal is to keep the building as close to its original, historic design as possible. Historic window replacement involves installation of an entirely new window (frame, glass, etc.) that fits the overall historical style of the building. As many manufacturers make windows in a classic style, these replacements are thematically suitable.

Window restoration is a more involved process. Restoration of a window means repairing the existing historic window. Repairs can include new glass panes, masonry repair around the frame, sill replacement, replacing wood parts, glazing putty replacement, and repair or replacement of sash cords or chains.  


When considering historic window replacement or repair, property owners should keep in mind that a historic property may have several associated tax credits, incentives, and in some cases grants available.

    • Tax Credits For Historic Preservation: the state of Arizona has a rich history and this includes numerous buildings of historical significance. Recently HB 2337 was passed by state officials allowing for a tax credit of up to 25 percent for expenses related to the restoration of historical property. There are federal tax credits available for non-occupied historical properties as well.  
    • Historic Home Renovation Incentives: governments within the state of Arizona have several incentives available for the restoration of historic properties. For example, the city of Phoenix offers incentives for the restoration of homes and businesses of several different types including historical warehouses.
    • Grants for Historic Home Restoration: can be another option to fund historic restoration. Many grants are available for non-profit organizations. Agencies such as the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and other government entities offer grants for residential buildings.   


When restoring a historic building, a property owner needs to carefully consider the company they hire. At Elite Doors & Windows, we have the expertise, products, and experience to handle the delicate work involved with restoring or replacing historic windows.

This includes precise restoration or installing windows that fit the style and time period of an historic property. We carry top brands in the industry such as Windsor, Milgard, IWC, MI, and others. Please contact us today for more information.