When considering replacement window ideas, a garden window offers a unique and striking option. These “box style” windows are designed to extend out from the home and have a shelving area on the inside.

Garden windows are quite common in kitchens, but they can be added to beautify any room in a home. Many homeowners enjoy the extra space and light these windows provide. They also offer the following advantages.


  • Add Light to a Room: a garden window normally has five sides a bottom, top, front, and two sides. This increased and extended window area allows more light to enter a room. Plus, many have side windows which open, allowing air into the home during nice weather.
  • Added Space: an added bonus is that, as replacement windows, a garden window increases space in a home. These windows extend outward from the home and,with a small shelf on the inside, a homeowner can add decorations or, if so inclined, grow various types of houseplants in the space.  
  • Gardening: as the name implies, a garden window creates an excellent area to grow plants in a home. The increase in light and oxygen creates a miniature greenhouse within the home.
  • Variety in Design: along with their unique shape, garden windows have plenty of options available to fit a home’s needs and overall design. When selecting garden window sizes, there is also a variety of colors (both internal and external), materials, and grilles from which to choose.


When considering a window replacement company in Arizona, it is important to remember that there’s more to the business than just the quality of the products they sell. A majority of the dissatisfaction homeowners feel with window installation comes not from the windows selected, but the installation process.

Customer satisfaction is the reason Elite uses a complete three-step installation process to make sure windows go in right the first time. Our experienced staff works with homeowners during the installation process and we are dedicated to exact craftsmanship in every project we undertake.

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