Replacement Windows Cost

When you are thinking about installing replacement windows, the largest factor that comes into play is the cost. Replacing windows, especially when you’d like to do it for an entire household, can get pricey. Coose wisely and this will be one of the best investments you can make in your home. New windows can lower your energy bills and will improve the value of your home. They might even pay for themselves.

That said, there is a lot that goes into the cost of replacing windows, including the materials used, the purpose of the windows, the numbers of windows you are looking for, and more. If you want an idea of how much it will cost you to replace your windows, give us a call for immediate assistance, or fill out our quote form at the top left of this page and one of our window specialists will be happy to assist you.

There are many ways you can lower your overall cost to ensure you’re getting the most value for your dollars. Let’s look in more detail at how the costs of windows are generated, and how you can minimize these costs no matter if you’re in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, or Mesa.

We Come To You

Windows should be an in-home purchase. This works best because you need to view the window samples and glass colors in your house. Without seeing how a given vinyl looks next to the exterior of your house, or how you are going to like the various types of low-e glass you won’t get a full picture of what type of windows and doors make sense for your house.

Also, every type of installation is different, and as such someone needs to see your home for everyone to understand how it’s going to go together. Of course you could visit our showroom to see a great selection of windows, but we have to come to you in order to properly quote the windows.

The Types of Windows

The most important thing to decide is what your end goals are, so that you can determine what kind of windows you want to buy. Are your goals to accentuate the front of your luxurious house? Or are your goals to ensure your house stays cool during the summer and lower electricity costs? Maybe you don’t want anything fancy, or don’t care about insulation, and just want replacement windows at the lowest possible cost because your windows are broken or worn out; these are the decisions you have to make before you start looking around, otherwise you’ll spend a decade looking for “the right” replacement windows. Let’s review the varying types of windows, in order of cost, and what the different factors are that you need to think about.

The Types of Glass

All of our various types of glass that we install in our windows are Low-E Glass, meaning energy efficient. These types of glass work by varying what types of light, and how much light, they let through. They come with varying types of cost, but that can be reviewed here. The one thing I want to point out here is that when selecting a type of Low-E replacement glass, it’s important for you to see how they reflect on your house. Different colored light of the spectrum affects how your house will look from the outside, so before you make a choice, ensure you see it in front of your house first. The more Low-E a window, typically the less light it will let through. Our best Low-E Windows have a slight blue tint to them. About 75% of customers like the tint and the energy savings. About 25% of customers opt for windows which are slightly less energy efficient but which let more light in. Again, this is something you have to see at your house. If you have a large patio that blocks the sun, and then we install the ultra-low e windows, you may not like the tint. But, if you have a lot of direct sunlight, you might like it better than all that glare coming in. When doing replacement windows, every type of house is different and as such you have to look at the product in your house with your lighting and your exterior lights to see what is going to work for you.

The Kinds of Windows

Non-Thermally Broken Aluminum

These are the lowest cost type of window frames that you can get. They feature a nice metallic finish, and are a good accentuation for houses that look fitting with a metal window. The downside to a window like this is they do not offer superb insulation as aluminum does not do very well at keeping heat out, or in for that matter. You can read more about them here.


Vinyl is a wonderful material that’s not too expensive, and offers many advantages. It offers great insulation, and does not conduct heat very well, meaning that it keeps the interior well insulated from the exterior. It also promotes strength and durability, and is easy to maintain. A simple clean makes a vinyl framed window look good as new. You can read more about vinyl windows here.

Thermally Broken Aluminum

When anyone is looking for an aluminum frame for their replacement windows, this is typically the type of metal they will go for. This aluminum offers the same insulation quality as its Vinyl brethren, but in a nice metallic frame. Featuring aluminum on the inside and the outside, it offers an extra piece of insulation in between that holds the window in place.


Steel advertises very similar qualities as an Aluminum Window talked about up above, but outscores Aluminum in just about every category. It again projects a beautiful metallic look, that will typically last longer than aluminum, but also will provide better insulation than aluminum. It also features much better durability than aluminum, and will retain its metallic shine for years to come.

Wood Clad

Wood clad windows are by far the most expensive type of window. These typically are only bought for a luxurious look, but do still offer excellent insulation. They typically feature steel(but this can be aluminum) frames on the outside(wood-toned) and an actual wood on the inside. That way the outside can remain durable and long lasting, while still displaying the elegance of a wood window. You can read more about wood clad windows here.

Choosing the Right Company

Once you feel like you know exactly what you want is when the hard decisions begin: picking the right window replacement company. Much of this comes down to cost, and quality of work, but really, in this day and age, it’s making sure you’re getting the fair value for your dollar that you deserve. This can be tough, because as a consumer, how are you expected to know anything about replacement windows?

The one thing you must consider, when you go with the big names you know and have seen for decades, is why they advertise so much. When you have large companies, such as Anderson, Pella, Home Depot, or Lowe’s that advertise so much, where is that money coming from? If a company is to spend tens of thousands of dollars of their revenue on just advertising, where are they generating that money from?

Elite Windows and Doors sought to answer the same question, and upon independent studies of our top contenders, found out they were passing down this spent money on to consumers! Our studies showed the following(also in order of cost):

Anderson Windows – Charges up to 3x what the actual cost of replacing windows should be. They spend the most in the state on advertising, and also only sell their own made windows, leaving consumers questioning about their quality.

Pella Windows – Charges up to 2x what the actual cost of replacement windows are, spend slightly less than Anderson on advertising.

Home Depot – Charges a bit extra, perhaps 1.3-1.6x above cost, due to the worldwide recognition of their brand name.

Lowe’s – Pretty much the same as Home Depot.

Elite Windows and Doors (Us!) – Our advertising revenue is kept to a minimum, so that we can pass down these savings to our customers. Our customers, after having the work performed, have no question about the quality they’re receiving, and always spread the word around accordingly. Our customers are our best advertising.

White Label Windows – Some window companies around this time sell what we call “white label” windows. These are basically non-reputable brands whose quality can’t be verified, and most likely won’t be around in a decade or so. This poses a problem for consumers who purchase their windows, as most window companies(including all the companies we distribute for) offer an extended minimum 10-year warranty. If your windows from one of these “White Label” companies breaks, or has some kind of defect, you’ll have a tough time getting back in touch with them in the future to have them honor your warranty.

So Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

The savings! This is the absolutely best reason. Many studies have gone to show and prove that replacing your current windows with new, low energy windows, can save anywhere from 20-40% of whatever your current electricity bill is. This means that, depending on your house size, your windows end up paying for themselves within just a few years. This alone makes the choice of replacement windows easy.

Minimum Cost

Be sure to consider there is going to be a minimum cost to do any window installation. If we install one window, or a whole house there are multiple trips to the house. Sales, then measure, then install, then perhaps stucco or paint. Quotes are always free, and we will come and walk around your entire house with you to generate a quote, but there is a minimum job size of $1,000. Typically this means 2 or 3 smaller windows, or one larger window, or a front door. Patio doors typically are under $1,000, but some patio doors are significantly more expensive depending on the materials, style, size, type of glass in them, and R-Rating.

If You Can’t Wait Years to Pay Off Your Windows?

Elite Windows and Doors is happy to offer financing. To ensure you and your family can truly make your home the beauty it should be, we allow payments to be made for up to two years! This means you can spend $5,000.00 on brand new, energy efficient windows and by the time you’ve paid them off, you’ve already made your money back in electricity savings! Did I mention this is interest free? Two years, interest free replacement windows.

We also offer a 5-Window Special, so you can replace all the windows in your home, for only 25 payments of $98, all-inclusive energy efficient replacement windows can make your house feel brand new. You can find out all you need to know, and even request a quote, here.

Elite Windows and Doors has been serving the areas of Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley, and the Greater Phoenix area for over a decade, and is proud to offer free quotes every day of the week. If you’d like to schedule a quote, please visit here, or call us now for immediate assistance.