Patio Doors encompass a large number of different types of doors. Generally, any door that leads to a patio could be considered a patio door. This would be different from an entry door in that typically a patio door allows you to bring the outside in by seeing through the door. As such Patio Doors, unlike an Entry Door, generally have glass in them.

In order of cost, the least expensive patio doors are typically sliding glass doors or Arcadia Doors. The term Arcadia Door comes from the Arcadia Door Company, one of the original leaders in these types of sliding glass doors. Not that the Arcadia Door Company isn’t making good doors, but they have gone on to bigger and better things, such as office buildings, condo towers, and commercial work. You may have an Arcadia door that needs replacing, but they probably won’t be selling you your next one. Patio Door

When looking at a sliding glass door, do look at the sliding glass doors which we offer on our Sliding Glass Doors Page. These doors offer great thermal protection and reasonable security at a moderate price. Typical manufacturers are MI Windows & Doors, and, at a higher price point, Windsor Windows.

Patio Door

Moving up a bit higher in price are French Doors. A French Door is a door of light construction with glass panes extending most of its length. French doors are more expensive than a sliding glass door because of the multiple panes of glass, and that they are often wood on the inside and then metal on the outside. French Doors can be swinging like the ones at the left, sliding or bi-folding. For more information on French Patio Doors, do look at our French Doors page.

Patio DoorAnother option for Patio Doors on a grander scale are Bi-Folding Doors or Sliding Glass Walls. You can view information about these options on our Bi-Folding Doors or Sliding Glass Walls pages. Elite Windows and Doors is an independent dealer offers automated and non-automated versions of these doors from multiple manufacturers depending on
your needs.

Elite Windows and Doors, located in Scottsdale and locally owned, is a leading supplier of Patio Doors to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Sun City. With in-house sales, installation, and service you can be assured of a quality job. Call today for suggestions or to set a free home consultation.