IWC Windows

At Elite Windows and Doors, we carry windows from the top manufacturers in the world to bring our clients the widest selection and the best products on the market. One of the top window providers we use is International Window Corporation (IWC).

IWC has been producing a wide assortment of quality windows since 1957. Here is a brief overview of four of their most popular products in vinyl and aluminum designs.

Vinyl Windows

  • Acoustic 9300 Series: uses a multiple pane design to make a window that is truly sound proof. Aside from making noisy locations quieter, these windows have a long-lasting design and are easy to clean. With several different types of windows available, optional glazes, and white and almond color options to choose from, the 9300 Series can be used in a multitude of different ways.
  • Gentry 5400 Series: are the latest in energy efficient windows. Features include a triple-glaze design, improved acoustic performance, and modern design. The 5400 series is available in 9 different window types, with optional decorative glass, and 8 exterior colors.

    Aluminum Windows

  • Ambassador 8200 Series: is an aluminum-framed window with a simple and classic look that fits any home. Easy to install and low maintenance, these windows are thermal graded and air-tight for energy efficiency. The 8200 series is available in several different sizes and shapes to fit a variety of uses.
  • 6200 Series: are a favorite for many home designers and homeowners and offer smooth operation and a multi-lock system for increased safety. The 6200 series can be purchased in five different designs to match any room.IWC offers modern, long-lasting, and innovative designs that make for a striking window addition to any home. Contact us today for more information about the excellent IWC products we offer.